It is our pleasure to introduce Kirstin Pulioff as the first guest author in the Words With Women's Living Room. Please join us in reading her blog post discussing fairytales.

Kirstin's post: This blog recently featured an article about the negative influence fairytales can have on the female/female relationship.  I can acknowledge this is true on many levels.… but they also teach us about the good in the world.

Fairytales in themselves are stories that weave together a lesson or moral with the fantasy. They are often used to teach a child without them knowing, entertaining them with the whimsy of the story, the imagery, and the mystical elements.

When researching this topic, I was astounded to find that some of the oldest fairytales were much darker than modern versions.  The toned down versions of Disney have led to a gentler vision of Snow White, Little Mermaid, and some of our other favorite princesses.  I kind of like that.  The older fairy tales give a darker tale that us adults enjoy, and the newer ones can still teach with a positive tone.

 With so many fairytales out there, I wanted to point out some of the positive lessons from a few of my favorites.  Yes, these still have some of the negative and unsavory parts, but just like the duality of life, it’s important to look on the positive side.

Snow White
 is full of wonderful gems of wisdom.  From finding help in the most unlikely of places, to having a positive attitude at work, true beauty comes from within, and true love conquers all, there is a lesson for everyone.

Sleeping Beauty spent a lot of time sleeping, but what she learned, was if you dream it, it can happen. Never give up on your dreams, you never know who is fighting for you and who is helping behind the scenes.

One of my childhood favorites, Cinderella, is full of great messages.  This one teaches us that hard work pays off, be kind to animals, never give up hope, and always have a fantastic pair of shoes.

Rapunzel is a newer one, but filled with the positive notions of following your dreams, enjoying the adventure that life takes you on, and finding the good in the people around you.

So find a fairytale, new or old, and enjoy the positive message found within.  These are timeless tales that are filled with lessons on love, dreams, and happy endings.
Kirstin Pulioff is the author the fairytale series The Escape of Princess Madeline and The Battle for Princess Madeline.


MaryAnn Koopmann
05/30/2013 4:54am

Love the website and I am a fairytale lover. We always have good verse evil but the good shines through more and makes it so much more human and a good inspiration. Keep up the good work! I hope you will send me your new book for review or any future books. Thank you!!! Fairy Blessings.

05/30/2013 6:22am

Hi Mary Ann,
Thank you for your comments. You are right that good versus evil will always exist. Fairytales are a great way to teach and entertain. I'll look forward to your book review.


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