Memorial Day in the United States. It is the unofficial start to summer, a time to spend an extra day with family and friends. Most of us will take some time to remember those who have served, but then what? How many of us will take the time tomorrow or the next day to think of them? I would be willing to wager that very few of us will think about our service members and veterans until something comes up in the news. Then we will go right back to our lives and do nothing. 

This is not a political rant. I am not going to go on about either party here. I am calling all of us to do something. Yes, writing or calling your representative is something you can do but I am talking about doing something more personal. I am talking about getting out of your routine and doing something that matters. 

Find the nearest Veteran's Home or Hospital and volunteer. Many Veterans do not have friends or family to come visit them and your time will mean so much. If you don't live near a VA hospital, you can volunteer to drive. Many veterans live in rural areas and cannot drive themselves for appointments. Your neighbor may need a ride and you can help. The VA Website and United We Serve are great places to start.  

Donate small items to the hospital or Veteran's home. Things like magazines, books, clothing, toiletries, snacks or lap blankets. You might be surprised how much small donations like this can mean to the person receiving them. 

Write a letter. Operation Gratitude sends over 100,000 care packages and letters of gratitude annually! Visit their site or Facebook page to see how you can help. If you have children, have them write a letter or draw a picture to send along. 

Make a commitment. No matter what you decide to do schedule time each week to continue to reach out and help.

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